How Long Does It Take to Withdraw Winnings From an Online Casino?

Once you’ve hit the jackpot at an online casino, there is an obvious question which arises; how can I get the money out of the casino and into my hand? The answer to this depends on three questions; in this article, we will tackle each of them in turn.

Where Do You Live?

If you reside in a first world country which has a highly developed electronic banking system, such as the UK or most Scandinavian countries, it may well be possible to get the money into the bank account that you use on a day to day basis relatively quickly. Usually, websites will give this money to you by refunding the credit or debit card that you originally made your payment with. This means that things tend to take a little bit longer than if a direct deposit were being made, but are still relatively quick.

On the other hand, if these facilities are not in place, you may need to wait a while, (and pay a fee), for the money to be withdrawn.

Which Casino are You Using?

This may seem pretty obvious, but before you start playing, it’s worth checking which withdrawal options are available at the casino you are using. Some casinos make it far easier to get money into your account than to take it out again. Make sure that there is a withdrawal method which works for you, before you start playing, to avoid this type of problem. If you’re stuck using an unfamiliar e-wallet, it could take a long time to get your money.

Were There any Special Rules?

This question only really comes into play if you have used a matched deposit scheme or other bonus. If you have, make sure that there aren’t any wagering requirements which could stop you from taking the money out when you want to. If there are, you could find that you have to stake your money several times before you can take it out of your account, reducing your chances of being able to withdraw it.

Once you understand all the information above, it should be reasonably easy for you to take money out of your online casino account.